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Corey Insurance Offers Financial Wellness with Critical Illness Insurance

A Critical Illness can strike with little or NO warning. You can’t predict the future but you CAN prepare for it!

Hundreds of thousands of people will be diagnosed with a Critical Illness this year. The good news is more and more Canadians are surviving previously considered life-threatening illnesses. With the unexpected and on going costs associated with surviving a serious illness, disability payments usually replace a “portion” of your salary but often don’t provide enough to cover the extra expenses a serious condition can generate.

THIS is where a Critical Illness (CI) Insurance policy can provide relief. If you are diagnosed with one of the listed covered critical conditions in your policy, CI insurance provides a one time lump sum payment following an initial diagnosis and survival of any one of twenty five covered Illnesses including cancer, stroke, and heart attack. There are no restrictions for the money – it can be used however you wish.

CI Insurance is an important part of a comprehensive benefits plan, providing simple affordable coverage allowing you to focus on getting better.