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Doctors offer prescription for health-care reform

By Dr. Lynn Hansen, CBC News This week, I was pleased to see the opinions of several health commentators who have recommendations on how to improve our health and the health system. There have been a few points of consensus, which include: New Brunswickers need to take more...

To save workplace drug plans, Canada needs to change its drug pricing strategy

Canada’s regulatory approach to capping prescription drug prices has been in place since the late 1980s. To this day, the mandate of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB)—the government body that regulates prices for patented drugs—is to ensure that prices are n...

Travel insurance purchase requires diligence

An article posted by CBC Canada. Reading policy and being upfront about medical history are crucial Travellers looking for fun in the sun or a relaxing time away from the hurly-burly of life at home hardly want the additional stress of an unexpected illness or accident while they...

Do You Know How Much You’re Paying for Health Benefits?

How much are you paying into your company’s health care plan? The answer is not always obvious. Thanks to the wonders of automated payroll processing, we don’t concern ourselves with the details. All we know is monies are transferred directly into accounts, deductions occur at...

Financial Security Planning Solutions

We understand that financial security planning, especially estate planning is important to everyone. Corey Insurance Services’ friendly and knowledgeable staff bring extensive financial security planning experience and will work closely with customers to understand their...

Six Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Health-Care Coverage

This article written by Jane Porter of Entrepreneur.com, has some great tips on choosing health-care coverage.  The most important being #1 – Don’t do it alone!  ….. Here are six common mistakes to avoid when choosing your company’s health-care coverage:...

Eight ways to make life insurance work for you

Written by  TIM CESTNICK Special to The Globe and Mail I realize that insurance agents get a bad rap. There are few people on the face of the Earth who can be more persistent than an insurance adviser. I often tell the story of the time I met with my own adviser who was trying to...